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  • If you experience an in-game (Crossfire 2.0) or portal bug, then please report it to Ticketsystem (in portal Main Menu). Suggestions can be added there too. Opening new threads or posting such things on different forums on this new portal is really unnecessary and can be recognised / processed at much slower rate.

    For a bug report, add as much detail as you are able. Only saying that "my game has crashed" definitely will not lead to resolving your issue.

    Crossfire mod version is now in 2018/2019 the Crossfire ver. 2.0! If you decide for some reason to play older versions, then make sure that the launcher can't load updates, otherwise you'll have this mod version corrupted! Old mod versions are also no longer supported, sorry, we do not have enough resources to do that.

  • *BUMP*

    Short Info: Few days ago (around 18-19th May) happened issue with Global List Server (connecting all FL mods). It had bad influence on characters used in that time and may result into character "insta" kicking from server by server anticheat. If you experience such issue, please keep your head cool, use BUGTRACKER (link) and look on report list. You can make new report or (preferably) use already existing similar report for add there your exactly spelled char name and info what is going on. One issue, ONE post with information about char and problem. Do not spam or comment to keep bugtracker easy for check.

    Your character can be restored from newer or older backup (if will not work newer backup is only one option use older) and you can lose progress (or whole char if it was newly created one) ... there is not any other way how to repair issue which happened outside our server ...

    Be patient and polite please, server admin is quite busy guy. He will do his best to help you, but it may (read "it will") need some time. Trying to push on things (to get them faster) is not recommended (it will not work).