Server status... what the hell?!

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  • [677] stop failing, please.

    I wasn't talking about the necesity to restart Freelancer... I know that is necesary, and I do it everytime after a srv restart/crash/fail :) . I was talking about :

    Sometimes, the server comes online after 10 seconds. Sometimes, it comes online after 5 minutes. We don't always know if the server will come online in 10 or 5 minutes. So, we start the game again, right away, and we see it's not online. And we keep doing so for the next 5 minutes ^^ . That's why that server status on the website was so important ^^ . That is a luxury, actually...


    Wait a second. Isn't what you just did above [689] or [729] or whatever you wanna call it? That wasn't on-topic :P .

    [981] this thing looks like crap :) .


    Alright, alright, I'm a fool, you're the master, you win, I loose. [SCHILD=18]yea right[/SCHILD]

    I'll never warn you about possible faults of the server or the game. It seems that you know them all. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • OP , what do you say , the server is able to support more than 50 players online ? i mean can be stable without crashing over and over again ?

  • yes



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  • Here we go again, off-topic... just like my other topic...

    Alright then, I'll start to act like cmd Adama in Battlestar Galactica. You won't beleive how serious I'll be. Period.

    (can't hold myself... gotta say LOL)

  • I'm not really good at riddles, so I quit.

    Anyway, enough off-topic. If I make more off-topic I guess that third warning will really be on its way ^^ .