Problem starting Multiplayer ... [E5]

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  • Problem starting Multiplayer ... [E5] --> corrupt installation (or no right to write into freelancer path)

    So I saw what this error means and sometimes just sometimes I get it, so I dont know this can't be the corrupt installation because everything works fine but sometimes it cant start because of this, any help? Please dont tell me re install it because im positive it would be the same thing because if it was corrupted then I would get it all the time.

  • when this happens open task manager and end process on freelancer.exe if still running, sometimes when you exit the game or server crashes it may still be run by processor....

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  • Iceman is right, sometimes, after a server crash, or after closing the game, it dissapears for your eyes, but it keeps working on the CPU, and you can't re-launch the game again as it's already launched for the PC.

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