cf server down? or just me?

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  • Hello i was on server this morning and i got kicked from server and since then every time i launch CF multiplayer and go onto internet or lan the server doesnt appear. i have also tried direct connect with the CF IP but it still doesnt appear. is it a problem with the server or is it just my pc playing up?

  • server down? c'mon op's moving a lot of files. he said something like 40gigs this time...

    just be patient and [SIZE=4]DON'T PANIC![/SIZE] :)

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  • i went into drive C:programfiles/microsoftgames/freelancer/EXE/fldirectconnect i then typed in the crossfire IP then clicked ADD SERVER then i clicked launch freelancer. the CF update window poped up so i let it update and then launched multiplayer when it loaded i went onto multiplayer then internet let it load and no servers appeard i then tried looking on LAN but nothing appeared on there either.

  • well, if it isn't ur firewall or net settings causing the issue, u will have to install everything again, unfortunatelly. i can't think of anything else that's simple and can b done by a user, at this moment, sorry.

    b sure too save ur mp-id.

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  • Quote

    Originally posted by Mr-psycho
    no not working i launch CF let it update and launch CF multiplayer and nothing appears on multiplayer no servers at all.

    please check if u updated to launcher V1.6:

    - start launcher (check title bar for version number) and let it update
    - proceed to the game menu screen and end the game
    - start the launcher again and check for version 1.6 (if not ur update does not work properly)

    u will need V1.6 as all version before do not connect to the new server (due to change in IP address)

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  • ok i have completely reinstalled it all and the version of the patcher is 1.54 but i let it patch and it went to 1.56 and the server appears.

    thanks alot for all youre help and il cya on the server. :D

  • the directconnect that comes with FL does not work with FL... u dont need to tell ppl they should try that
    it simply doesnt work



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  • yeah it was my mistake, i thought he messed something using it, so i was just making sure... but who knows what the issue was really...

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