Centurion 3D Print Demonstrates Expert Craftsmanship

LYP Studios has done it again! Lee Yee Pei has built a second Wing Commander model, and it is absolutely gorgeous. This time it's the Centurion from Privateer. The bulk of the ship was 3D printed, but a handful of custom parts were added for detail. He also painstakingly masked and layered different colors of hull texture to simulate the adjoining panels as well as the shark mouth on the underside. Fortunately he's also an excellent photographer, so we get plenty of beautiful shots to admire. You can find even more here! If this inspires you to craft your own, you can download the source files at Cults 3D or Thingiverse.


Centurion Heavy Fighter from Wing Commander Privateer. 3D-printed PLA & resin, with additional detailing parts.

lypstudios_fighter29t.jpglypstudios_fighter30t.jpglypstudios_fighter31t.jpglypstudios_fighter32t.jpglypstudios_fighter33t.jpglypstudios_fighter34t.jpglypstudios_fighter35t.jpglypstudios_fighter36t.jpglypstudios_fighter37t.jpgLYP previously put together an incredible Morningstar fighter.