WC3 DOS to Windows Update Preps for Future Enhancement Pack

Destro recently launched a big update to his Wing Loader program that adds speech to WC1. In preparation for a future update that would aim to add high quality videos into WC3, Destro made this simple patch to upgrade the commercially available GOG DOS edition into an updated Kilrathi Saga Windows version. I think a couple iterations of this have been made by various folks over the years, but it's still good to have a modern update handy. You can grab the patch here (51 meg zip). You can also learn more about and download the current edition of Wing Loader here.

Also on another note, I made up a little patch that will upgrade the GOG version of WC3 to the Kilrathi Saga version. Trying to make Wing Loader work with current purchase options available for the games.

1) Install Wing Commander 3 via GOG.
2) Right Click DATA.DAT inside Wing Commander III and use something like 7zip to extract the contents into the Wing Commander III folder. 7-Zip
3) You can now Delete DATA.DAT.
4) Copy the Patch contents to the Wing Commander III folder and overwrite.
4) Optional: Install the DirectDraw Hack for smoother videos https://www.wcnews.com/wcpedia/directdraw_hack