Confederation Project Adds Expanded Flight Deck & First Peek at Hobbes

AllTinker has a variety of updates to the Confederation project that we shared last month. First up, there are more shockingly good graphical test assets to share. His extended take on the flight deck looks incredibly natural - it's surprising to check out the animated version that compares his take to the original. There's also a great interpretation of what a young Ralgha looked like. He was a pretty buff guy in his youth! This version was partially inspired by EmuMusicFan's sketches. There's also a handful of technical enhancements that have been made that you can read about in more detail at the CIC Forums. This includes some in-depth discussion about how visuals like the landing sequence below were made!


A quick update on the project: I've recently started work on splitting out the code for reading the original data formats into a separate C++ base library which will be open sourced as soon as it's stable API-wise.

The idea is that it will be shared between Confederation and WC4 Remake; thus we can more easily pool our efforts - and those of anyone else who'd like to contribute. The library will be usable by any projects wanting to read (and perhaps write) formats used by the Wing Commander & Privateer series, and perhaps some other Origin games too (e.g. I've done some reverse engineering of BioForge previously, and Strike Commander has been mostly(?) reverse engineered already).