Cockpit Mystery Solved

Back in 2016, we reported on Joe Garrity's discovery of Deluxe Animation animation files that seemed like they could be unused Wing Commander art. The files were located on a 5.25" disk that once belonged to Origin artist Daniel Bourbonnais and were dated between 1991 and 1992. We published an analysis that concluded that while it was possible the art was intended for Wing Commander it was also just as likely it could be connected to another project.


Now, we have the real answer! Mr. Bourbonnais himself has identified the material. He writes: "I drew the hands for the throttle controls animation on Wing Commander in 91… [but] oh, that was a demo I created to get freelance work. It is in a video on YouTube. Daniel Bourbonnais computer artist or animator." That video is available here: :

The animation in question starts at the 2m27s mark and includes many impressive elements not found on the original diskette. While the art isn't connected to a Wing Commander game it was done just after Mr. Bourbonnais completed his work on Wing Commander II in 1991 and became a freelancer (and as noted originally, it does reuse some Wing Commander cockpit elements!). The entire reel, which also includes the spectacular 1990 'We Create Worlds' painting, is a blast from the past full of similar spec artwork.