Ambiance Video Takes in the Flight Deck

If you thought Scribbler's WC1 ambiance series had come to an end, he's got a surprise! The flight deck has joined the bar, barracks and briefing room. He's incorporated a bit of feedback and hidden the cursor this time. Most of the sound effects revolve around the crew fixing up fighters on the deck: ratchets, sparks, carts, elevators and the like. Check it out below!

In this file we stay in the ambience of the flight deck of the TCS Tigers Claw. Intended for radio plays or playing in the background while working or falling asleep. Where you want to let your imagination run wild.

Show time. Time to start. Quickly onto the flight deck. The pilots are ready. The mission begins. And everyday life for the technicians on deck. After the pilots have started, the daily routine continues. Repair, prime and prepare the other fighters. Attention, another flight returns. Clear the deck...