Super Nintendo History Book Profiles Wing Commander

AD came across a neat looking anthology that profiles some of the top games for the Super Nintendo called The SNES Pixel Book. The port of Wing Commander gets a full spread with some nice pictures and commentary. If I got a copy of this, I supposed I'd have to always casually leave it open to just this page, but it does look like there's plenty of other fun stuff in there too. You can see more sample pages and order a copy here.


Bitmap Books is proud to present The Unofficial SNES Pixel Book. Created in collaboration with German publisher Elektrospieler this lavish, 272-page volume celebrates the golden age of 16-bit gaming on Nintendo’s ultra-popular home console.

The book, which has been painstakingly translated from the original German text, features in-depth articles exploring the major genres to be found in the SNES’s huge portfolio of games. These are accompanied by tens of thousands of screenshots, specially taken, composed and selected for this volume, comprising a combination of single images, cut-outs, sprawling montages and gigantic level maps.