Go to Sleep, You Pilots

Today we've got Scribbler's second ambiance video. This one takes place in the Tiger's Claw's barracks. As such, it's a little more peaceful than the bar scene. There's a more calming engine hum and an occasional water bucket drip. What do you think? You can help provide feedback at the CIC Forums and influence Scribbler's future projects here.

In this file we enjoy the ambiance of the TCS Tiger's Claw bunkroom.

A long flight? Rest yourselves. It's not a five-star hotel. A water pipe has been dripping for ages, and announcements from the bridge can still be heard in the corridors. Don't be disturbed that a comrade has just come out of the bar and is now going to bed. After all, you are on a carrier ship that has seen its best days and has no single berths. Enjoy your sleep.