Last Week for WC Challenge Coin Kickstarter

We're now entering the final stretch for ZOmegaZ's mission to create a set of Wing Commander challenge coins. Clocking in at over $20,000 so far, the project's crowdfunding campaign is at nearly quadruple the minimum order size, so there should be no concerns about it successfully concluding. There are a handful of other sci-fi universes being included here as well, so head on over to the effort's Kickstarter page if you want to get in on the action. You have until early Saturday morning!


We only have a week left on this, and it's gone amazingly well! Out of the nine designs, seven have surpassed the minimum order quantity, five of those have more than doubled the MOQ, and three (B5, Firefly, and Star Trek) have quadrupled it! Frasier and TSO are bringing up the rear, with 33 and 27 each, but the other designs have been so successful that's not any problem. Those were my personal favorite designs anyway, and I'm happy to have some spares!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (or, for those of you outside the United States, a good Thursday). This kind of project is great for creating some neat widgets, and thereby making the world a slightly cooler place. But even more, knowing there are others out there that share our niche interests can make us feel just a little less alone.

I'm already planning my next Kickstarter! (Number four!) I can't start the next one until I receive and ship all the coins from this one, which probably means February at the earliest. I'll notify everyone when it's up. Next time I'll just do 30 days instead of 60, so we can keep things moving faster.

Thanks to all your great suggestions, I have over 80 potential new coin ideas! Once this Kickstarter closes, I'll send out a poll with every single coin idea on my list, and see which ones are most popular. No promises about which designs I'll make, but it'll definitely guide my priorities!