Gemini RPG Crew Chases Down Kilrathi

The crew of the TCS Majestic continues to fight for control of the Nitir Sector! The action follows the chronicles of the Gemini Sector RPG. Weekly sessions keep the fun going on their Discord server, and Rear Admiral Tarsus continues to put these nifty mission briefings together to amplify the experience beyond your typical text-based role playing game. Sessions are held most Sunday mornings - they look like a really cool way to experience the WC series with your fellow fans. Hit the discuss button, check out their website or ask Tarsus directly for info on how to join in!

Thanks to the enhanced sensors of the Rathburn as well as cunning of the Majestic's command crew, they located the Kilrathi fleet located in the nebula near Nitir, the crew must scout out the fleet while a secondary group engages the escort, thinning it out while hiding the true intent of the party.