New New Pilots Ready to Lead

Last week we got a peek at Howard Day's new pilot models, which were a fun new take on Hunter and Angel. He's further redesigned the characters to give Hunter his iconic cigar and Angel a more accurate expression. As an extra bonus, there's also a pair of new pilots done in the same style. Let him know what you think at the CIC Forums!


So! Some updates to this. I added Hunter's scowl and stoagie, as well as the updated Casual/Flightready uniform set that I made for Angel. I also have angel with *eyebrows* now (Do'h!) and her signature earrings - but not in flight-ready mode, tho.

I also went ahead and added some more variation to the flightsuits - a data/control connection plug and a oxygen tube. Both will connect to the helmets they wear in-cockpits.

This is Capt "Conan" Doyle, one of the senior pilots on the Tolmacs-class light carrier you'll serve on in the campaign. As always, it's a straight 3DSMax render, no editing. :D I decided to do one more, callsign "Chef" Any and all feedback is wonderful.