PC Games Mag Gets Excited About WC3

Here's a nice preview of Wing Commander 3 from the October 1994 issue of the UK PC Games magazine. I don't see the connection between the "Resistance is Useless!" headline and anything else in the article, but everyone was still enamored with the Borg and all back then. The tone of the article is infectious and really gets readers pumped that WC3 is the start of something big. And for a time, it really was! The main scans are from Pix and AD found the cover. They sure picked a funny game to lead with that month - not a lot of people still talking about Inferno these days!


It has to be said that Wing 3 looks like it's the closest you're going to get to taking part in a sweeping space opera. Forget Battlestar Galactica, skip Star Wars - if Origin delivers everything it promises, Wing 3 looks set to be the start of the next generation of PC CD games.

If the 7th Guest was the excuse people needed to take the plunge and buy a brand new CD-ROM drive, then you know that 90 MHZ Pentium PC you wish you had, well, now might be be a good tie to start saving.