Secret Ops Trailers Converted from Flash & Upscaled to 4K

Here's a treat! People tend to think of Wing Commander Secret Ops as a game without FMV and a story told via text, but there were actually wonderful flashes of "video" throughout. Every chapter had some nifty in-engine cutscenes, and there were also a couple of really cool teaser trailers posted to the web. The first teaser revs up Prophecy's ICIS interface. It includes a terrifying distress signal that indicates the bugs are back! The second trailer builds on this but adds communication from the TCS Mistral Sea, which the Prophecy documentation mentioned would be the second Midway class megacarrier off the line. The third clip is a gameplay trailer that shows off the first mission and new dust cannon in action!

Both of the ICIS trailers were originally presented as Shockwave Flash files. While these have been in our archive for more than two decades, with the recent deprecation of Flash on the web, we thought it'd be a good idea to get these into a more accessible format. There are alternative methods to still play Flash videos, but we've provided modern 4K video download links below so you can save and view at your leisure. Note the third video's low 240x180 resolution was pretty standard for internet video at the time. At ten megabytes, it would have clocked in at nearly a tenth of the actual game's enormous download size.

  • Teaser 4K .mov, 31 megs, AAC & H.264 codecs

There were also two versions of this video. We've put the later "H" iteration on YouTube. The original "G" revision has a loud Alien chirp at the beginning. It also incorrectly referred to the Orsini Sector, which was later corrected to the Orsini System.

If all this has bitten you with the Secret Ops bug, you can grab the game and find links to the associated fiction here!