Watch Dralthi Evade Gratha's Mine in SM2

bonkus_stream1t.jpgBonkus_Maximus has been streaming lots of classic Wing Commander lately, and he managed to catch a relative rarity on tape. Like the Raptor, the Gratha can carry mines, but you don't see them very often. Even when they're deployed, they can be easy to miss in the midst of a furball. Bonkus caught this one while flying a Dralthi II and knew immediately what he saw. It might be the first one he's ever seen! Fortunately, it looks like he dodged it in order to live to tell the tale. Video of the encounter is below, and you can spot it circled in yellow to the right. You can find more of his videos on Twitch here.

Also, for those who hunt unicorns, here it is from last night... the Kilrathi mine drop!!