A Look at Neat Additions for the WC4 Fan Remake

We've got a couple smaller updates for the WC4 Fan Remake today based on questions from fans at the CIC Forums. The first request was to add VR headset support, which the team was surprisingly open to. There are existing tools out there that facilitate conversion to VR, but they are rapidly evolving, so it would be something the team revisits much later on when the mod is closer to release. There were also questions about cockpits, and we got another beautiful shot in reply that shows off their potential. They look like a good mix of classic WC style with information embedded while being rather inobtrusive like in Prophecy. As designed by Origin, WC4 reacted hard to the popularity of invisible HUD cockpit options in Armada, WC3 and Kilrathi Saga. While they may have been the predominant way people were playing in 1995, the game loses a little something by not having them as an option. It's nice to see their return!


I have a shot from an early test but it pre-dates the cockpits. The SDKs change relatively frequently (and now it ideally wants depth data too for re-projection) so I'll probably only come back to it around launch time.

It's not really news per se, but it's been fun to see the WC4 Fan Remake project take off recently in the German space sim sphere. It's not a surprise, since the game was always very popular in Germany. Here it is popping up in a recent gaming news recap at GameStar.de.