Learn About Remastering CGI Cutscenes

wc4_remake18t.jpgThe WC4 Fan Remake will be using ODVS' fantastic video for most cutscenes, but there are a handful of CGI sequences that would be better served with complete graphical overhauls similar to the playable parts of the game. The team has to be careful to match the visual fidelity of anything new that they create so that it doesn't feel out of step with everything else. As such, DefianceIndustries, ODVS and Pedro have published a new article titled 'Recreating Worlds' to detail this process. It's a nice thorough overview and shows that they're making great use of the new project website. There's also a quick video example as well as some screenshots behind the development curtain. Check out all the details here.

Defiance Industries is going to create some new CGI sequences for Wing Commander IV Remastered that match the originals as closely as possible in aesthetic and quality.

Defiance is, of course, capable of creating footage with far greater detail and visual fidelity than was possible on an SGI rig in the mid '90s; but if he does, it will somewhat throw shade over the original game's CGI sequences. So Defiance is putting a lot of work into creating sequences that match the aesthetic of a mid-'90s SGI render. I'll then be running them through my AI video remastering process so they don't stick out like a sore thumb in comparison to the original scenes.

This tech demo serves as a comparison for a very quick render against an original shot of the TCS Lexington.