Academy Achilles Covers All Destroyer/Transport/Carrier Needs

DefianceIndustries has yet another hot new capships based on a design from Wing Commander Academy. This one is the Achilles, which is an interesting design that seems to serve several roles in the Confed navy. He's addressed the larger variants by making a nifty modular hull that potentially detaches from the main body. I'm surprised we don't see this concept more often, since it seems so useful. Speaking of Achilles, that underside is sure light on turrets...


Another WCA ship for your amusement. The Achilles destroyer/transport/fighter carrier (CVE maybe?). It looks like a Durango and a Wake had a naughty, naughty evening; the kind where they both had a bit too much Vak'qu and in the morning the Wake quietly slipped out the back without leaving so much as a piece of dry toast for the poor Durango - and this happened a few months later. Since the carrier is kind of a different bird (but the artists just added another rectangle to the bottom) I kind of figured that the carrier configuration is a pre-fab pod of some kind, something that can be attached or detached from the destroyer with an appropriately supplied shipyard and a week or two.

Anyway enjoy - I was playing a bit with the shaders as well to add a bit more definition to the edges.