Instructions Available for Confed Lego Ships

Bricks with Wings has completed their Confed Lego fleet. The four original fighters, Tiger's Claw, Exeter and Drayman are now fully buildable. The transport clocks in at 208 bricks, destroyer at 253 and carrier a respectable 688. Digital instructions with all of the detail on how to put these together are available for $12 at the BWW store. You would still need to acquire the individual bricks, which is possible through a service like BrickLink. It's not the cheapest or easiest hobby, but it sounds like it's very rewarding and fun! You can also check out some of the Kilrathi vessels here.

brickswithwings13t.jpgbrickswithwings14t.jpgbrickswithwings15t.jpgbrickswithwings16t.jpgbrickswithwings17t.jpgbrickswithwings18t.jpgbrickswithwings19t.jpgHere's some nifty photos of the completed fighters!