Freelancer Mod Hotfixes Provide Cool Experience

As fans have continued to fly through the Freelancer universe in Wing Commander ships, they've uncovered a small handful of issues a glitches along the way. L.I.F. has worked diligently to swat them as they pop up. These should make the player experience more solid wither fewer crashes. The latest beta is available here (approx 300 megs), or you can also just grab the small hotfix (about 1 megabyte) and overwrite with the included files. The whole storyline campaign is now playable, and the beta edition of the mod includes enhanced economy options to keep all of the factions' ships relevant throughout the entire game.


In any case, grab the hotfix if you haven't already, it removed a number of CTD. If you're doing a new install and just downloaded the latest release, the hotfix isn't needed, it's already part of the release. It's there to save you the hassle of downloading 1 GB of models and textures again for a couple MB of corrections in text files done as part of the bug hunt process.