PS4 Patch 1.08 (Americas) / 1.07 (Rest of the world)

We've just released a new patch on PS4, which introduces some new settings and re-enables the in-game resolution selection on PS4 Pro, which has been taken out by mistake in the last patch. There are some a few gameplay fixes.

New Features
  • Added an option to adjust the HUD marker size
  • Added an option to adjust the aim assist strength
  • Don't offer additional primary weapon slot at tuning stations when having ancient weapon glyph equipped
  • Fixed regression from last version, causing the resolution selection to be invisible in the options menu
  • Fixed that the health of the player's drones could go above 100%, and that they sometimes weren't spawning again when loading a savegame
  • Fixed still being able to use drones while "no consumables" hardcore mode handicap is active
  • Prevented corvette from fleeing outside level area