PC Patch Notes for 2/7/19

General: Resolved an issue that was causing the Terran Fortune Tribble to use the Kelvin Tribble FX. Resolved an issue that was causing EV suits to not display properly when worn with Terran Costume parts. Updated Admiral Quinn contact to have better messaging options for new Captains. UI: Resolved an issue that causing the Personal Endeavor UI to be removed from the Mission Tracker when all Endeavors have been completed. Resolved an issue that was causing a Players icon to be low resolution when viewed within the information window. Systems: Resolved an issue that caused one of the costume replacements on Battle at the Binary Stars to sometimes cause players' ships to disappear. Bridge Officers may no longer activate the Terran Assault Squad tertiary attack on the Emperor's Sword. Resolved an issue that was causing the Fortune Cookie Tribble to be eaten by other Tribbles. Resolved an issue that was causing the Torch Hold emote to not properly unlock account wide. Personal Endeavors: Increased chance of receiving a Reroll Token in Personal Endeavor reward boxes from ~15% to 25%. Resolved a typo in the formatting of the "Rare" reward box. All "Complete TFO" Personal Endeavors have had their requirements changed at Medium and Hard difficulty. The new requirements are: Easy = Complete 1 associated TFO (any difficulty) Medium = Complete 2 associated TFOs (any difficulty) Hard = Complete 3 associated TFOs (any difficulty). Known Issues: An error message can sometimes occur, “previous transaction is still running”, when attempting to purchase a ship.