Switch Patch 1.0.2

With a small delay, we've just released the second patch for Nintendo Switch, which brings a couple of bug fixes involving UI navigation and gameplay issues.


  • Fixed UI navigation issues in the repair, upgrade and crafting screens
  • Fixed that a new run couldn't be started in the hangar, if the player was on the codex tab
  • Fixed frame rate dependant issues with black holes & tweaked their strength
  • Fixed that the health of the player's drones could go above 100%, and that they sometimes weren't spawning again when loading a savegame
  • Fixed several issues where loot containers were inaccessible
  • Fixed that rotating the ship in the color selection screen would also change the color
  • Fixed that in hardcore mode, perks would stay unlocked after death
  • Make sure Okkar Gunships don't flee outside of level area
  • Fixed localization issues of some ship wreck logbooks