Switch Patch 1.0.1

We've just released the first patch for Nintendo Switch, bringing some new options settings, performance improvements and bugfixes. Have fun playing!

New Features

  • Added Korean language support
  • Added special "retro graphics" option that is unlocked after finishing a hardcore mode run
  • Added an option to adjust the HUD marker size, and increased the default size of the HUD markers
  • Improved performance e.g. when flying through asteroids and colonial stations
  • Improved texture quality of explosions and the trading vessel
  • Fixed time speedup bug that occured when having Time Extender activated and either destroying Okkar frigate turrets or Outlaw Snipers or scrapping a Shock Rifle Pro that is floating in space
  • Fixed no manufacturer being set for Plasma Powered Jump and Destabilizer Missile
  • Fixed that the labels for Use Consumable and Confirm were switched in the Gamepad Schemes menu
  • Fixed that the neutron cannon projectiles were not increasing in size over time
  • Fixed that the navigation using the left analog stick would occasionally skip items in some menus