Planet Issos

  • Base planet of the Arena run by Zoners
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    1 Description

    [align=justify]This cold but fascinating planet is settled by [lexicon]Zoners[/lexicon] due to its remoteness. With their "neutral to all" stance they provide the services necessary for this system to be a trainig base and proving ground for pilots of every origin. [/align]

    2 Stats

    [list][*]DIAMETER: 10.865,5 km [*]MASS: 6.149 × 10e24 kg [*]TERRAIN: Terrestrial [*]TEMPERATURE: -64°C to 12°C [*]ESCAPE VELOCITY: 9.60 km/sec [*]OWNER: [lexicon]Bretonia Police[/lexicon] [*]SYSTEM: [lexicon]Arena[/lexicon] [/list]

    3 Ships

    [list][*][lexicon]Sabre[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Titan[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Eagle[/lexicon] [/list]

    4 Equipment to buy

    4.1 Guns & Missiles & Turrets

    [list][*]Javelin Missile [*]Stalker Missile [*]Eraser Missile [*][lexicon]Wasp Cruise Disruptor[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Hornet Cruise Disruptor[/lexicon] [*]Slingshot Missile [*]Windstalker Missile [*]Skyrail Turret [*]Skyrail [*]Ripper [*]Sweeper Missile [*]Adv. Skyrail Turret [*]Adv. Skyrail [*]Adv. Ripper [/list]

    4.2 Thrusters

    [list][*][lexicon]Thruster[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Deluxe Thruster[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Heavy Thruster[/lexicon] [/list]

    4.3 Mines

    [list][*][lexicon]Seeker Mine[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Drone Mine[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Wardog Mine[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Seeker Mine[/lexicon] [*][lexicon]Razor Mine[/lexicon] [/list]

    4.4 Shields

    [list][*]Armet Fr. Shield [*]Armet L. F. Shield [*]Armet H. F. Shield [*]Adv. Armet H. F. Shield [*]Adv. Armet Fr. Shield [*]Adv. Armet L. F. Shield [*]Cuisse H. F. Shield [*]Cuisse Fr. Shield [*]Cuisse L. F. Shield [/list]

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