WoT Frontline - SU-130PM repositioning

The Frontline is a game event in World of Tanks, featuring a massive, 30vs30 Assault scenario. The event's rules are tl;dr, but in short: only Tier VIII vehicles are permitted and it allows people with Tier VIII Premium vehicles to grind obscene amounts of in-game currency (among other things).

So naturally I brought in my own (which I earned on marathon events rather than buying). The most effective of those was SU-130PM pictured here.

The SU-130PM is a Soviet Tier VIII Premium tank destroyer. It is a thinly armored, open-topped vehicle with average agility, decent concealment values and limited-traverse turret (about 77 degrees either side). Its 130-mm cannon is not quite a sniping weapon, but it's accurate enough, and whatever it hits and pens are going to feel it (3rd highest alpha damage among Tier VIII TDs). Gameplay-wise it's similar to German Tier VIII Rheinmetal-Borsig Waffenträger mit 12.8 cm (which isn't a coincidence, this thing's real life prototype SU-100P was based on Waffenträger general concept)

Also, it is in a winter camo because it came with a winter camo style. I can potentially replace it, but I feel no reason to (regardless of color it adds to vehicle's concealment value and this style can only be applied to SU-130PM).

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  • Just in case, this screenshot is made from a replay of a Frontline battle. Turns out WoT can handle replays of Frontline battles more or less properly.

    Also before Frontline, I did not use SU-130PM anywhere else. If one were to check my stats, they wouldn't find SU-130PM there.