Destiny 2: Tour - European Dead Zone

Destiny 2: Tour - European Dead Zone

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  • Can you shoot by mistake own team member? ... this action really looks good :)

    • shout?


      you can do pvp

      there are a bunch of game modes in this game.

      - singleplayer story missions

      - pvp maps (multiple modes)

      - the public zones that a showed in the tour videos where you can play alone or team up with others (free choice) and do public events which appear regulary on the maps, do patrols, hunt high lvl enemies, collect randomly spawning treasures or explore lost sectors (dungeons)

      - then you can play strikes with up to 2 other team members (usually that are somewhat harder variations of singleplayer missions)

      - and you can do raids (I have not done this yet -> fear to mess it up for the entire team)

      Every few weeks there are special game wide events which completely change the conditions for 1 week.

      e.g. I recorded the tour videos during the first faction rally of season 3. The new gameplay condition this time (it was newly introduced) was that every successful gameplay action (a victory in a public even, a done patrol, a defeated high-lvl enemy) rewarded you with a few renown points. These points increase your reward of faction tokens when playing a lost sector but every point also made the difficulty harder. At five points you do almost no damage anymore, get increased incoming damage and you can not heal by taking cover somewhere. High reward but also high risk.

      I like this mechanic but I also dislike it for the fact that you are forced into this mechanic even if you dont want to take part in the faction rally event (at least during this one week).

    • shoot .. sorry, it was written from a phone :)