Yes, this fake Devastator managed to earn Veteran rank.
This unit is a duplicate created by Ixian Projector Tank. A hover vehicle armed with an autocannon, Projector's real power lies in an ability to create duplicates of any unit. The duplicate is free and will disappear when taking any damage or coming into contact with any enemy unit. The damage the duplicate causes is completely real, though.
It might be particularly useful to combine Ixian Projectors with Harkonnen Missile Tanks, and use the Missile Tank dupes as one-use cluster missiles. Creating fake Devastators/assault tanks to supplement assaults spearheaded by a couple of real ones is also useful; so is multiplying firepower of besieging Inkvine Catapults.

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  • This map is great for playing Ordos - one can put a number of Cobras & Mortar Infantry on the structure in the center and destroy vast enemy armies with ease. Maybe HK Catapults will also work, although they can hardly ever hit a single moving target %)