Harkonnen Force

A screenshot of Emperor: Battle For Dune. Armored force of House Harkonnen are assaulting the base of House Atreides.
The assault tanks are just making noise. The real star players are Devastators (heavy tripod walkers). Their actual drawback is pathetically slow speed. So while Assault Tanks raise hell, Advanced Carryall drops a Devastator at the flank and goes back to fetch another one while Devvie starts pounding IN THE NAME OF GIEDI F#$&ING PRIME.
I think I also had a moderately sized horde of Light Infantry, Troopers and Sardaukar off screen.

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    • Yes, Harkonnen Devastator from this game looks exactly like a Warhound Scout Titan (except smaller and with a third leg). It used to be a tank in Dune II/2k though (precursor of Mammoth Tank of C&C fame).

  • Created new category for this game :) (this screenshot is there already)

  • A few Assault Tanks can destroy a building a lot faster than a Devastator ;) I'd use the latter against enemy reinforcements & Harvesters, while blowing up the base with tanks. (Sorry for criticism, a big Dune fan here :) )

    • It's OK, I literally started playing yesterday (still remember second skirmish when I tried to select all Devvies by doubleclick...). Devastators are more to ensure land superiority, actually, now looking back I recall that ATs are indeed more effective as base wreckers.

  • This looks rly good! ... will you have more screenshots for creating new gallery category?

    • IDK, I can't launch the campaign so I'll probably get bored with this game pretty quick.

    • What exactly happens when you try starting a campaign? @Martind: I could try playing it again some time and take tons of screenshots :)

    • Well, it asks for a disk for that house, but I have only one disk image (a very old one).

    • Are there cool looking missions,I can only run the Campaign Missions without videos,briefing & co,if yes I could take screenies of the Campaign :)

  • I hope before you attacked,you didn't wait in the Dunes and sieged him a long time :D