Warframe - Warframe Operator Test

Ok... so Operators now can easily kill high lvl enemies.

Spoiler: Eidolon hunting and Ropalolyst are a joke now.

AMP used is a 7-7-7 but other high tier versions also work great.

Unairu Focus tree for armor and shield stripping (first and 2nd ability).

Amp Arcane = Eternal Eradicate (60% extra damage on ability cast) and Eternal Onslaught (180% crit chance on energy depleted)

Both is easy to trigger and does not require any skill to activate. Both abilities seem to refresh on ability trigger (I use 2nd operator ability)

Operator Aranes: Magus Lockdown for the tether mines which hold enemies in place for 4 seconds (which is great for survivability)

and either Magus Repair for Warframes with high health pool (e.g. Inaros) OR Magus Elevate for Warframes with low health pool.

In my eyes Operator are more useful now in the game and to a degree a bit overpowered.