Imagining the NEXT Cyberpunk 2077 | Unreal Engine 5 HD 4K 2022

The next Cyberpunk 2077 is yet to be announced but what if CD Projekt RED decided to develop a sequel with Unreal Engine 5? Take a look at the most UNREAL footage from Unreal Engine 5 reels and imagine how a new CYBERPUNK 2 might look like in the future. Environment megapacks from the Epic Marketplace, MetaHumans Creator from Epic, VFX and Zbrush were also used in this video.

Thank you to all the artists for the amazing assets:

Saher Tarek ArtStation - Saher Tarek
Learte Studios ArtStation - Leartes Studios
Artcore Studios ArtStation - Artcore Studios
Masashi Imagawa ArtStation - Masashi Imagawa
Artem Artificial ArtStation - Artem Artificial
J Hill ArtStation - J Hill

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*Disclaimer: We don't own the material featured in this video. This is only an informative video and it's not meant to be an official trailer.

Comments 2

  • Looks good! ... However I still think that Red engine was not said the last word and there will be at least one expansion released for Cyberpunk 2077 which will be running on it.

    • The problem is that red engine is pretty much at its limits on PS4 and I have my doubts that future content will focus on PS5 and PC only. If you ask me new content will mostly focus on new quests... utilizing what is already there.

      More than a year after the initial release the game certainly improved in terms of bug fixes and balancing but the environmental flaws still exist. The city is still a relative lifeless place.

      In my eyes the city needs activities. It needs NPCs you can talk to. Jobs you do not only get from fixers. A reputation system for gangs. Activities which allow you to get perks leveled... e.g. boxing events at certain locations which helps you with the tedious athletics grind. Some of the perk grind is insane... almost impossible to achieve in a normal playthrough without cheating.

      Bars you need to go into to get information for jobs... maybe here and there a bar fight.

      More opportunities to use the braindance interface (this is a nice gameplay mechanic which is totally under-utilized in such a cyberpunk world).

      More street races. And maybe not showing the path to the next waypoint on the minimap while driving but instead showing a holo-path directly on the street just like it is done during the races. Oh and maybe turning the races into less scripted crap where opponents wait for you to catch up and where this gunfire shooting from the cars actually has no effect on anything.

      How about giving money to homeless people actually having some influence here and there?

      Day Night cycles should have an effect on NPCs... having a night-life that is different than what NPCs do during day hours.

      e.g. bands starting to play at certain clubs during night.

      Nomads which at day work on their vehicles and at night sit around campfires.

      Gangs which roam Pacifica at night. Gangs doing crimes in Watson during night.

      A reason to visit the upper pedestrian levels of the city. During my first playthrough I did not even notice that such places actually exist.

      Better clothing options and trans-mog.

      A way to visit certain story related locations again... like the Konpeki or the Clouds (for whatever reason).

      Car modifications... in a world where modifying the human body with ease it should be possible to modify the cars.

      With update 1.5? we got new apartments and most definitely the worst way of implementing them into the game. I'd would have preferred instead of getting 4 new apartments that I don't care about, a way out of Megabuilding H10 into a new apartment with V increasing his/her reputation and social status... and then improving the look and style of that new home while playing the game... maybe by giving rewards for side quests (which currently only reward XP). That would create a sense of progression and the feeling of accomplishment while playing the game.

      A car garage at that new home (maybe somewhere in Westbrook) where you can put all the cars and bikes you collect during the game (and which most of them you would never really use).

      Shooting ranges you can actually make use like in that ONE quest at Wilsons gun shop.

      Other netrunners hacking stuff in the city and causing random events... like power outages... info screens showing strange messages.... etc.

      What is that crap with all the shops that say open but are actually closed? Why are there that many closed doors which will never open in the game?

      Why are there doors with intercoms that have absolutely no function? At least add a voice line of a confused granny or a kid which won't open the door after pressing the button... that is at least better than having these buttons without any function.

      Also nice would be a way of keeping the relation with the partners of choice running even after the sex scene. I mean... more than just some text messages. It would be nice if Judy would not be stuck to that Window, repeating the same sentences over and over again when you try to talk to her. Same with all the other romance options... once that sex scene is over you have no real way to interact with these NPCs anymore.

      It would be much better if Judy (just an example) not only stand at that window but maybe start having a life again... using the day to work at Lizzies (currently she does not appear there anymore) and then be at home at night... or visit V in Vs apartment from time to time. There could be the option to visit a bar together or a club and use the dance floor (again an under-utilized option in the game). This is not important for the story of the game... but Cyberpunk is meant to be an RPG and for that purpose it would be important to actually play a role and have a life in nightcity.

      Same can be said about Panam... let her get into running the Aldecaldos as a daily routine... let her argue with Saul from time to time, give her the possibility to spent time with V after "getting into it".

      Same with River.... let him open his private investigation office, allow V to visit him there. Hang out with him and his family after sharing bed. Maybe play that VR game with the kids again.

      And finally Kerry... let him have some gigs... let him invite the Us Cracks girls to his house for a party... thousands of possibilities here actually. Just don't let it end with a few stupid unimportant text messages.

      So much could be improved with the game by using the existing game world and finally adding some life into it.

      To be honest... I don't really expect much from the upcoming DLCs. Maybe a few gigs... and some new side stories.

      Some stories with open ending certainly will continue.

      Maybe the DLCs will be about Mr. Blue Eyes... maybe its about reptilian aliens from Alpha Centauri... maybe the Peralez story will continue.... maybe we will find out something about Cyberpsychos since despite being the longest set of gigs there never was an answer to what caused all the mess. There is plenty of story content that never was resolved in the game so far.

      Lots of stories in the game abruptly end without any solution.... just as if stuff was just not finished.