Ascension - a Subnautica Fan Film Animation | Unknown Waters 2

Based off the open world survival video game Subnautica, "Ascension" is a thrilling CGI/liveaction fan film that concludes the events of Unknown Waters.

Reaper Leviathan animation:

You can check out part 1 "Unknown Waters" here:

Learn how I created the film!

Dedicated to the amazing Subnautica community :)

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David Sujono is a 3D creator and motion designer from Sydney, Australia.

🎹Original soundtrack by Paulus Sujono
Ascension - a Subnautica Fan Film (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) | Paulus Sujono

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Rode Videomic Pro

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Comments 2

  • It was really interesting to watch those videos! I have played Subnautica (1,2) recently (in last two months) and I've had lots of fun. They both are really nicely created games.

    • I wish they would update the original game with the upgraded game engine from below zero.

      The original despite being a bit outdated had the nicer environments. Dark and scary parts do not exist in below zero. Everything is bright and water always is clear. I did not like that.