Warframe - Iso Vaults Tier 1-3 (Solo)

I messed up the last part of the tier 2 vault because i noticed too late that otak was under attack but in the end this did not matter. I am only playing for the chance of tier 3 rewards.

Solo vault runs with a good octavia build seem to be easier and faster than having a full team.

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  • Great, now I'm going to need a different warframe. I'm getting tired of the necramechs' nullification bullsh*t out of nowhere stripping Iron Skin and then ganking me. What is worse, it messes up Void Dashing (Energizing Dash), which means that when that happens I don't have energy to recast Iron Skin.

    No, I don't really mind necramechs having nullification, it makes them all more challenging... I mind that it comes out of nowhere. It's literally the only beef I have with iso vaults.

    Hmm. Maybe I can use Ivara? Use Amesha's Benevolent Decoy to defend the food station. Prowl in the toxic area. Wonder if Prowl would work against necramechs, maybe use Navigator to snipe arms. Also should try if I can cloak Otak with a Cloak Arrow.

    Also, dat beat, is that "Smoke Weed Everyday"?

    • it is, a simple melody to activate the cloak

      Ivara might work to avoid damage but u still need to deal damage and ivara uncloaks when shooting. Octavia has the benefit that u can stay cloaked and kill stuff with the mallet which does not require to hit the weak spots and scales indefinitely with enemy level. Best frame for high lvl solo runs but also a bit boring.

    • Ivara can shoot Silent weapons without uncloaking. Such as Ignis Wraith with a maxxed out Hush mod. (I just tried, it does work).

      (I now need to forma Ignis Wraith again and unlock Exilus slot to fully replicate my normal build, rn Ivara's Ignis has Hush in place of Vile Acceleration 'cos I'm just out of capacity).

      With that out of the way, I do expect three other problems:

      -mobility (can't run/bulletjump/etc)

      -energy requirements (Prowl drains energy over time, more when attacking in melee - no replenishing via Energizing Dash while Prowl is active)

      -and damage from various auras and AoEs.

      I'm not sure if Necramechs don't ignore invisibility outright, either. So I'm going to try later. I'm not saying that Ivara is better (I'm sure she isn't), I'm just trying to figure out how to use what I have.