[TennoCon 2020] - Heart of Deimos Gameplay Demo

We can’t wait for you to experience everything Heart of Deimos has to offer. Coming to ALL platforms on August 25!

There is a sinister mystery lying underneath Deimos, hiding from even the Entrati and the Infestation that has overtaken the entire moon.

- Explore a new open world; a hauntingly-beautiful landscape festering with Infested enemies, the dark Entrati and sights unseen in ever-changing underground cave networks.
- Harness the power of the Void with the Community-designed Xaku, the second Warframe to be designed by you, the Tenno!
- Customize your Warframe like never before with the Helminth Chrysalis system. Feed the Helminth a Warframe to absorb a signature Ability and transfer it to another Warframe.

0:02:29 - Loid and Otak
0:06:38 - Entering the Landscape
0:12:10 - Boneblade encounter
0:14:40 - Riding the Velocipod
0:17:55 - Meeting Mother
0:25: 30 - Bounty Acquisition
0:26:50 - Riding and Shooting
0:30:09 - Necramech Battle
0:31:26 - Sun Worm and Necramech

Comments 6

  • Okay, there's one word I'd describe this update with: ew. Riding a giant dragonfly seems cool though.

    Also note that their Excalibur has a Volt's 1, which is probably an example of the aforementioned ability transfer.

    • yes, you can transfer abilities but i am not sure if I really want to do that.

      The new content looks great and the preview we got on the tennocon relay was pretty awesome

      It was an interesting concept to have a live preview during the livestream and getting the players directly into the stream.

    • I'm considering giving my Rhino the Snow Globe for point defense (Coildrive/Excavators on OV, Armored Vaults on PoE, OpLinks in Scarlet Spear). I'm not using Roar often anyway.

      And... so TennoCon Relay is for players interacting with the devstream? Cool.

    • i use roar pretty often... its a great damage buff

    • Also one thing I noticed... They mentioned that they are going to do away with Derelict key system and Deimos is p much the Derelict. But I also noticed another area on Star Chart named Sanctuary. Looks like they're making (E)SO accessible from star chart.

    • maybe, dunno

      i think lots of stuff is still not clear

      i mean... i dont think they task us to move this new open world with a hobbled key on our gearwheel. That would be insane.