Infiltrator in action

Ivara Prime, making Corpus Spy missions her b*tch.

Of course you can't see her... that's kinda the point. Her third ability, Prowl, makes her invisible (and also lets her loot nearby enemies), and the Infiltrate augment makes her unaffected by Corpus laser walls in this state. Now, Prowl is not ideal:

a) It drains energy over time

b) It slows Ivara down considerably - okay, Infiltrate reduces the penalty, but you still can't bullet jump, because...

c) Ivara drops Prowl like it's hot when she makes any noise. Specifically, running, sliding, bullet-jumping and shooting any weapon with Alarming noise. Bows are silent weapon... and Ivara's fourth ability is Artemis Bow. (Though I just picked a Dread - the Stalker's bow - as a primary).

She's not all about Prowl though - she has a toolbox (or, rather, tool quiver) of other abilities (Noise and Sleep arrows are of particular note). But in general, she's a good infiltrator.

Also, she's aesthetically beautiful. At least, her prime version is, as she has jellyfish-like designs on her waist and head that resemble a skirt and a veil respectively.

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  • How do you get these warframes? I have some blueprints but far from forging one.

    • The blueprints for Prime Warframes and their components (as well as other Prime stuff and Forma blueprints) drop from Void Relics. I just farmed necessary relics, then cracked them on Void Fissure missions hoping to get what I need. A side note: Lua Disruption is an excellent source of Axi relics.

      Though Ivara Prime was a long-running goal for me, I think I had her Neuroptics for a rather long while (in my defense, I had some Argon crystals I needed to spend before they spoiled). So I guess I lucked out with other components.

      Regular Ivara is even harder to obtain.

      And really... I don't even have that many warframes. Excalibur (duh), Excalibur U (quest reward), Rhino (parts' BPs drop from Jackal on Fossa, Venus), Limbo (BP and parts are quest rewards) and Ivara P (the result of prime parts farm).

  • there is an augument that makes her move a bit faster again and allows her to pass through lasers without triggering alarms