Kerbal Space Program 2 Cinematic Announce Trailer

Kerbal Space Program 2 is the sequel to the acclaimed space flight simulation game Kerbal Space Program from Star Theory and Private Division.

With the original Kerbal Space Program having become one of the most beloved games of all time and now bigger than ever, Kerbal Space Program 2 has been fully redesigned from the ground up to meet the demands of modern and next-generation space exploration, all while maintaining the monumental foundations of the first game. Build a space program, construct powerful spacecraft, design resource-gathering colonies, and much more to uncover the secrets of the galaxy. A plethora of exciting new features will captivate veteran and returning players, as well as usher in a whole new wave of Kerbonauts to the ingenious and comedic world that has entertained millions of players.

Song: Outro by M83

Kerbal Space Program 2 – Kerbal Space Program

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