WoWS - Smolensk

Soviet Tier X cruiser Smolensk is a hypothethical realization of a MLK-16-130 (Small Light Cruiser, 16 130-mm guns) project of an escort ship armed with four quad dual-purpose 130-mm guns.

Basically, this entire ship is a controversy, for two reasons: she falls just a tiny bit short of having enuff dakka and she can use a smokescreen. Bonus points for her guns being 130-mm meaning Basic and Advanced Firing Training affect them.

I think it took me about half an year to finally get her. She's available in Admiralty for 244k Coal, and I decided to grab her first before WG removes her from sale or nerfs her.

Comments 2

  • Beautiful visuals mate great pic

    • Yeah, one of the reasons why I love this game is because of the visuals, especially ships.

      The developers take particular care to recreate the ship models in detail, even if the ships in question never went beyond design projects like this one. According to their own Developer's Diaries videos, WG Saint-Petersburg works together with actual shipbuilding engineers to do quite in-depth research when doing that.

      Also Smolensk just looks cool. She looks like an overgrown destroyer, and those quad main turrets look awesome. I p much fell in love when I saw her render in Supertest News on WoWS forums.