DSO Missile mod

This mod gives the missiles of classes 4-6 an increased performance (class 1 to
3 remain the same):
- swarm: increase speed from default 16 to 22 (class 3 to class 6)
increase lifetime from default 1.24 to 1.6
- hellfire: increase speed from default 12 to 18
increase lifetime from default 15 to 21
decrease lockstep from default 45 to 30 (class 2 to 6)
increase LockAngle from 10 to 15 for all classes
- bigbang: increase speed from default 8 to 11
increase lifetime from default 15 to 18
increase explosion radius from default 50 to 65
decrease lockstep from default 75 to 60
NOTE: I did not tweak the damage parameters.
1) Install this package.
- (if you want to revert to the original replace missles with original. Do not
forget to copy your last save game to the regular save directory!

- projectiles.ini is not used but it shows what I tweaked.

2) Go to "[my documents]\Ascaron Entertainment\Darkstar One\Customization\missiles\save"
and copy your last savegame into that directory

3) Play the game

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