The Steel Hearts Clan Book 1.0

"Believing in values other than plain profit, they throw their old badges, pins, golden farewell watches into a pot and melted them - to armor their believing hearts and fitting their wings with knifes. Out of their ..."

The Steel Hearts Clan - |TSH| cornerstone was laid in Kyushu during restless times when The Order started to gather all their resources and needed to also acquire support from all Sirius houses for a joint operation with the Dom'Kavash against hostile aliens coming to the Milky Way through Hyper-Gates located in the galaxy's inner core. With this arise also the need to ensure at least some order in space controlled by the humans.

In Crossfire space we are acting as a police force. Our main objectives include the support of galactic law and safety of flight for civilian pilots in the whole of known human space. As a police officers we can hunt and stop all pilots performing illegal activities - pirates (in general), smugglers (all pilots transporting illegal cargo), and mercenaries working for above mentioned pilots or which were involved in taking bounties (bounty kill is also considered illegal act). In addition, we would offer our help to all law-abiding citizens that will need protection against pirates or mercenaries.



  • Version 1.0

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