Psionic ship pack

This model was one i came across while surfing round the net. It's made by Psionic which he's graciously made available for anyone to use.

The ship comes in 6 flavours, the original Psionic Fighter and texture and then there's the retextured versions where the textures were made by other artists. This was all part of a skinning competition and the other textures have all been made available to use as well.

Originally in 3ds format, i converted them in Milkshape to CMP format, hardpointed them in HardCMP, converted the textures to dds format to save on file space.

All the ships have individual cmp's and mat files and sur files. All have been scripted and configured as a class 10 fighter.

I've made the ships for sale on Manhattan and Pittsburgh. There are no icons included.

These ships are free to use in other mods but please include all details relating to these ships :)

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