Righteous Fire

Privateer's expansion, Righteous Fire, continues the story from the original game.

After landing on Jolson Pleasure Base, Burrows is informed that one of his ship's guns of "unregistered type" - none other than the Steltek gun he had obtained earlier - had been stolen. Outraged, Burrows travels to Oxford to seek information on the whearabouts of his gun. He meets Masterson who tells him of a contact who might be able to help. Masterson agrees to introduce Burrows the contact, provided that Burrows flies missions to protect Oxford against a recently-increasing menace from the Church of Man ("Retros"). After successfully protecting Oxford's freighters from the Retros, Burrows returns to Masterson, only to learn that Masterson's contact is hesitant to meet him. Masterson suggests that Burrows should fly more missions for others so that the contact would feel more secure about meeting him.

Departing from Oxford, Burrows meets three persons who had previous employed him, now with more missions. He meets Sandra Goodin, who seeks assistance to eliminate some of the Kilrathi ships that has been troubling the sector. He also meets Tayla, who's once again looking for a privateer for smuggling runs, and also Lynn Murphy, who seeks to employ bounter hunters against pirates and rival mercenaries. Burrows completes their missions and learns that another obscure man, Governor Menesch, is now currently among the top targets for bounty hunters. Burrows returns to Oxford and hears that Masterson's contact has finally agreed to meet him.

Burrows makes way to a distant base to find Monte, Masterson's contact. Monte informs Burrows that Burrows is wanted by the Retros as one of the greatest threats to the Retro's empire. He then transports Monte to New Detroit, where Monte tells Burrows more about the current situation: The Retros have recently been united under a man named Mordecai Jones, whose identity has been kept secret. Under his leadership the Retros have become a serious threat in the system. Interested at the situation, Burrows flies missions to help Monte, during one of which he meets an "informant" who seeks to deliver a package to Monte. Before departing, Monte tells Burrows that Menesch was once a governor of a populous system. After his administration collapsed, he went into "business" of selling Confederation ships to Retros and Pirates, a feat which has landed him on the hit-list. Monte suggests that it may not be a coincidence that Burrows's gun disappeared with Menesch around. Monte tells Burrows that he should patrol the Troy system and surrounding systems, where Menesch currently most likely is according to Monte.

Burrows finds Menesch in a system near Troy, where Menesch is well protected by quite a lot of Retro pirates. Menesch reveals to Burrows that it was he who stole the Steltek gun. He says that the Steltek gun was his great "enterprising endeavours," and that he made a deal with Mordecai Jones to supply his faction with duplicates of the gun, as something of a "spiritual cleansing tool." Enraged, Burrows destroys Menesch and then returns to Sandra Goodin and Lynn Murphy to claim the bounty. (Alternatively, the player may return to Roman Lynch to receive a different reward).

Sandra Goodin then employs Burrows on behalf of the Confederation to drive back recent Kilrathi intrusions. On the mission, Burrows meets a Kilrathi commander who boasts that he has been supplying retros with the Salthi ships which has been wrecking havoc on Confederation and militia forces. Nonetheless, Burrows successfully completes the mission and returns to Perry, where Admiral Terrell is looking for his service. Terrell says that he too has been on the Retros' tail, especially their leader Mordecai Jones. Terrell employs Burrows to scout three systems for any useful information on Retro activity.

Burrows completes the scouting missions. On the way meets a pirate who tells him that his employer on Drake is seeking Burrows. Burrows lands on Drake Pirate base, only to meet the same "informant" that he met earlier. The informant says that he is an elite counsellor to Jones and a member of the Church of Man. He then tells about Jones, that he (Jones) was once of humble rank in the Church but now has risen to its utmost position due to military success. However, the informant tells that he has learned that Jones' actual plan has been to secure complete domination of the sector with Menesch's alliance, after which he would dismantle the Church and rule with absolute power. For this reason, the infomant tells Burrows that he seeks aid in destroying Jones. The informant reveals the location of the Church's secret base and Burrows heads off.

Burrows arrives at Gaea, the secret base of the Church. He visits the imposing temple, with an eye on top and flanked by two giant serpents and torches. Finding no trace of Jones, Burrows returns to his ship and flies off. Above Gaea, Jones and his escorts arrive to attack Burrows. Jones tells Burrows: "all of Gemini will be wiped clean, with our Righteous Fire!" Burrows destroys the Retro ships, killing Jones and his guards. He then returns to the informant, who thanks Burrows for his service. The informant assures Burrows that all copies of the Steltek gun will be destroyed, but warns Burrows that should he reveal the location of the base to the Confederation, there would be further vengeance. Burrows leaves and returns to Perry to receive congratulations from Terrel.

After Jones' defeat, a revisit to the temple on Gaea shows that it has been destroyed, drenched in a blood-like fluid from the destroyed eye. Its torches have collapsed and the serpents killed. Burrows never gets his Steltek gun back.