To use the debug keys while playing in the single-player mode of Freespace 2 you must enter These debug keys work in both the demo and the full retail versions of FreeSpace 2. Using these debug keys will not allow you to advance to the next mission. All keys must be pressed at the same time.

Freespace2 Codes:

~ + C player collision on/off
~ + SHIFT + C toggles countermeasures on all ships
~ + K destroys your target
~ + SHIFT + K destroys targeted subsystem
~ + ALT + SHIFT + K does ~10% damage to your target
~ + ALT + K does ~10% damage to yourself
~ + I toggles invulnerability
~ + SHIFT + I toggles invulnerability on target
~ + W gives the player infinite weapons
~ + SHIFT + W gives all ships infinite weapons
~ + 9 scrolls forwards through all secondary weapons
~ + SHIFT + 9 scrolls backwards through all secondary weapons
~ + 0 scrolls forwards through all primary weapons
~ + SHIFT + 0 scrolls backwards through all primary weapons

Freespace2 Extras:

Code Where What
arrrrwalktheplank in mission Call in the Volition pirate ship!
tooledworkedowned in mission Jim Boone or Alan Lawrance pop into the screen!
vasudanswuvfishes enter at player select screen when at Vasudan Main Hall Fish Tank!
humanheadsinside enter at player select screen when at Vasudan Main Hall