Inner Core Survival: Venn System

FOREWORD: Time and date are subject to change.

MISSION DESCRIPTION: A group or several groups of players (depending on how many players will join) should provide distraction for a lone pilot as he commences a reconnaissance raid around the system. Cause as much damage to Great Doms' forces as possible. The intersection between the attack groups and the scout should be minimal. Return point is DS17.

I will work the further details out later. So far, the defined things are mission concept (described above), location (Venn), and date (still subject to change). Naturally, I reserve the role of a scout pilot for myself, though I can swap with an actual Event Manager later. As a disclaimer, I do not intent to leave all this work to you to avoid it; on the contrary; it'd be missing most of the fun action. But oh well, I can afford this sacrifice for the sake of a good story.