Conquer the Base Event

Hello Community. I will present a maybe nice Event here. It includes PvP and BattlePvP training and so on.


Conquer the base

This is an idea for a PvP event.

At the start 2 teams will be formed which will have to take the base of the other team. Each team docks at its base and waits for the starting signal of the event manager. Now both teams start and try to dock all of their own members at the opposing base and the other team tries to defend its base, thus preventing the opponent from docking. Once an opponent has docked at the enemy base he may continue to participate in the event and launch an ambush or help his members also dock by firing the enemy ships. (Do not dockkill so be careful, if somebody comes to the "red lights on the ship" - Dock sequence is set to fire.) Furthermore, the fighting will be stopped if the decocking end is not 2k away from the base (PvP regulation).

The winner is the team which docked all of the Teamships at the enemy base. In a tie, the team wins the most PvP kills. Reward winner: 10 million credits per member. the loser team also gets a trophy of 20 million per team.

It is looking forward to a lively participation!


Erobere die Basis

Dies ist eine idee für ein PvP Event.

Zum start werden 2 Mannschaften gebildet welche die Basis der jeweils anderen mannschaft einnehmen muss. Jede mannschaft dockt an seiner Basis an und wartet auf den Startschuss des Eventmanagers. Nun beginnen beide mannschaften und versuchen alle eigenen Mitglieder an der gegnerbasis anzudocken und das andere Team versucht seine basis zu verteidigen also das andocken des gegners zu verhindern. Wenn ein gegner einmal an der gegnerbasis angedockt hat darf er weiter am geschehen teilnehmen und einen Hinterhalt starten oder helfen das seine mitglieder ebenfalls docken können durch abschießen der gegnerschiffe. (Es darf kein Dockkill gemacht werden also aufpassen. Wenn bei jemandem die "Roten Lampen am schiff angehen" - Docksequenz ist feuer einzustellen. Desweiteren werden die kämpfe eingestellt wenn der Abdockende nicht 2k von der Base entfernt ist (PvP regeln).

Der gewinner ist die mannschaft welche alle schiffe an der gegnerbasis angedockt hat. Bei einem unentschieden gewinnt das team mit den meisten PvP Kills. Belohnung Gewinner : 15 Million credits per member. auch das verliererteam bekommt einen trostrpreis von 20 Million pro Mannschaft.

Es wird sich auf eine rege Teilnahme gefreut!

PS: Every Team has to make a Group :-). And we should choose a System with 2 Bases/Planets and without Nebulees.And we need an Eventmanager who act as Referee and count the kills.

Kind Regards


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  • But it May be a Bit Early in the Day for Me, But I Like the Concept :) Also all The Pilots Need to Be Granted Access to The Other One's Base !

  • I have Time the whole Day

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  • Hello Community!

    Here the Event Results!

    Today, 8 fighters faced each other to defend their bases and take the enemy base. They formed 2 teams consisting of 4 fighters per team. Team 1 consisting of the following fighters:




    | TSH |Tribb-Bad-TTBone

    And Team 2 consisting of the following fighters:

    (IOC) Fencer

    |DP| denne³

    |DP| Flocky³


    Each team docked at its base and waited for the first round to start.

    After a fierce and hard fight with many losses Team 1 was able to dock all their ships at the base of Team 2 and win this round.

    The fighters had a lot of fun and were happy when there was an encore.

    Now both teams docked again at the bases and waited for the starting shot. After another fierce and hard fight, this round of Team 1 could win.

    Thus, this event ends with a score of 2: 0 for Team 1.

    If there will be this event again, additional stuff will be added. For example, the event is set to 5 rounds. The event winner will be the team that can win 3 rounds first.

    Thank you for the active participation in all and it was great fun!

    Best Regards

    Marillion 8).

  • 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm = 12 bis 13 uhr?

    • Yes. Time can be changed. Just write time where you have time to play we can find a way find a time that fits everyone.

      Just go to "Paticipation to/cancel" choose yes and write under "Comment" your Time. Maybe we can make the whole day depends how much Fun it makes ;-)

  • am in. Its 00hoo to 01h00 right ?