New Players Event

Wellcome To the New Players Event

This is a Race Type Event for Players Bellow Rank 40

Participants will be Required to fly to the Systems Specified by the Event Manager
all a Pilot needs to do is to Enter that System and inform the Event Manager of it
there is no Time limit on this Event ( However, Once the First Second and Third Placed Players have Completed the Event the |EM| will Transfer the Credits to all Contestants then it is Up to the Remaining Payers To Finish or Just Bow Out ) systems Posted by the |EM| can be Reached in any Order that the Pilots Wish! All Participants will Recieve Credits that will be Transferred to Their Banks
So The Credits will Not Affect the Players Rank.

Any player Believed 2 be a Seasoned Player will be Asked to Leave the Event.

Now for the Prizes
The Winner Will Recieve: 40 Mill
Second Place Will Recieve: 20 Mill
Third Place Will Recieve: 10 Mill
All other Participants Will Recieve: 5 Mill

The Not Allowed Rules: No Firing on Other Pilots.

The Allowed: Trade Lane Disruption. Docking (you can have a Chat in the Bar if you Want).

I Hope that you Have Fun and Learn Something
about Navigation and choosing the Best Routes.

The Systems To Be Visited Will be Posted 5 Hrs Before the Event

Time for you To Plan your Best Route.

The Event Will start and Finish in the Location Specified
by The Event Manager.

A Small TIP: Why not Make a New Char Each time The Event is Held
(I Repeat any Seasoned Players Look Out)

The Event Will Begin at 21:30 Hrs Server Time

The Event Manager Reserves the Right to Modify all Parts of the Event...

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