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    Note: this article contains often references to the biography of Karina.

    Karina was enjoying short rest in bar in William Sargent Vision station in Synteini system after was finished outfitting of her latest ship Mammoth (T9). Suddenly has something caught her attention, it was one from bar's monitors which was showing very specific scene - badly damaged station. Camera view suddenly changed, the stream was disturbed with static shocks ... on monitor have appeared man dressed in red emergency suit asking for urgent help to evacuate inhabitants of Chiang Prospect in Jambin system controlled by an anarchy faction called Jambin Blue Crew. How important information is the form of government in the system, Karina didn't knew yet, however this would be changed soon ...

    Few hours later arrived into system Jambin an yellow Type-7 Transporter using Panda name which had most of internal slots filled with economy cabins. Karina set ship's course towards the Chiang Prospect and then

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    It's amazing how fast time flies when one doesn't keep track of it. Though I can't be blamed for not keeping track of time when I was stuck on DS17 analyzing data from the recon reports and DS17's own intelligence systems.

    After the Weth Standoff, the Great Doms went dormant for some time. No doubt planning something. So I had to remain vigilant, even as DS17 grew emptier. I could understand that though. Some had business to do in Sirius or even in the furthest reaches of space. Some had loved ones back home.

    Speaking of which, I managed to catch a lot of flak from Mom when she heard what happened during Operation Restoring Health. Yet I can only imagine how much flak Dennzio got from his wives. Which might be the reason why I haven't seen him in a while.

    However soon I've heard from another of my friends.

    -Hello, Ajay. I see you're still flying around Inner Core - Forlon said through the commlink.

    Martind Forlon, founder of TSH and former leader of Silver Arrows, has recently

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    Asteroids mining - Mining laser in action

    Note: articles in this blog are often referencing to biography of this character.

    The Mule_ (Type-6 Transporter) was cheap small freighter able do its jobs reliably, but she was also quite fragile how have Karina learned first hand when was doing a job for the SJC faction as a courier delivering strategical messages. This type of job was easy going and safe under normal circumstances, but some circumstances may be out of control of the employer. This time someone has decided to interrupt message delivery, and he also ordered skilled assassin with a strong ship. It happened in system Gilyadar where heavily armed Python, piloted by a Neil Beasant, pulled a small T6 freighter from supercruise (SC) and then destroyed her without any warning. Karina had to spent few following hours in escape capsule than was rescued by independent pilot, but luckily for her she had there also an emergency backup of all messages from the ship computer. Data were transferred into neural net of the new

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    Docked Type-6 Transporter

    Note: articles in this blog are often referencing to biography of this character.

    Karina's experience of piloting her new ship Type-6 Transporter called the "Mule_" had increasing rapidly; she right now FAOff docked at station Lovelace Terminal in the LFT 1209 system, when suddenly sounded a deep beep tone announcing incoming personal message. Quick look on communicator revealed real surprise, it was message from her father. He asked for urgent help in system CD-61 6801: "Can you please go there and do a couple of missions for one from local factions called The Sovereign Justice Collective (SJC)? ... I'll explain details later", was on the message end ... "How typical", smiled Karina. When she woke up this morning she wondered what will do next and this message offered her a specific activity. She started navigation computer, opened map of the galaxy and set the destination course: Bus Port in CD-61 680 system.

    Type-7 Transporter

    The first meetings with the SJC official representatives and later

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    Note: articles in this blog are often referencing to biography of this character.

    Karina spent few more hours as the "delivery girl" and learned few good lessons. One of them was about the need to always check the mission details related to the destination station distance from the system entry star; everything distant more as 10k light seconds (ls) is not worth the extra money because it needs too much flight time in the supercruise. Another lesson was about the need to disable the external flight controller (notebook touchpad) which unwanted use has resulted in accidental series of shots which have hit the station wall when she was trying to dock ... what have happened then was really very, very fast. The station openned fire from numerous defense turrets, the ship have strongly shaked, the canopy broke almost instat and followed an emergency ejection of the escape capsule.


    Few hours later, when she awakened in the hybernation unit, she found that he is at the Detention

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    Note: articles in this blog are often referencing to biography of this character.

    The first feelings when she entered the ship and for the first time sat in the real pilot chair were unforgettable. She already had decent practice with piloting from space ships simulators at the university, but this now was something very different, it was real! First was needed resolve few administration steps which were displayed on the HUD main screen and waiting for approval. One of them was about the ship name (In-game -> Outfiting/Livery): "What name should I choose", she was thinking for a moment and then suddenly came an Idea ... "Beetle" fits here well and I like it! The most difficult part of "take off" is behind me", she thought with a smile :)

    9439-fcfc987f-small.pngWhile sat in the cockpit she started study her ship's details on an technical blueprint displayed on one from several cockpit's displays. "Yeah, that's typical for him (Father), all the equipment only very basic and on top of that loaned. It looks

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    In my quest to find the Ultimate Space Adventure I read article after article and forum after forum for the perfect game. I played Jumpgate, Independence War I & II, looked into Freespace which I hear is the precursor to Freelancer, X, Darkspace, Allegiance, played Master of Orion I & II, Wing Commander which I heard was good, Star Trek & Star Wars sagas, I even installed "Star Wars X-Wing Alliance" which was supposedly one kick ass game for it's time, until 2010 when my quest led me to Freelancer.

    In the first year I owned the game I played it twice, I liked it so much. I even became a member of the Hamburg server for a short time - if I remember correctly. After playing Vanilla twice I went on another quest to find an even better experience than what Freelancer gave me, and came across a forum where someone mentioned Freelancer Expansion Mods...Not being able to resist this new knowledge I looked into them all, and Crossfire was the most appealing.

    Once again I was blown away

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    "Yes?" asked Forlon which was just awaken by private call. Last day he arrived in middle of the night and instead going to his [tooltip=Main station in Yaroklis system]Marsden City[/tooltip] offices, he went to sleep in one from the first-class cabins onboard his python. It was his trusty buddy Deborah: "Apology Sir, but in our offices was just now an [tooltip=The Sovereign Justice Collective players minor faction]SJC[/tooltip] police officer with [tooltip=Advanced Tactical response]ATR[/tooltip] troops looking for you. It seems like he is highly interested with your latest work for [tooltip=Afli Patron's Principles]APP[/tooltip] in Afli, specifically he have mentioned stolen data from theirs non-public Data point on planet Lacab Kui E3 ....". Forlon: "Oh damn, it looks that the space controlled by the SJC is not the best for me just now, please contact our docks in Phiagree and send me the Katana to the Gessi Keep City in Sowii. I had from there earlier working offers because this

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    "Good morning, sir. Do You know about the latest Gallnet news about the Pleiades region?", has asked me [tooltip=NPC copilot buddy]Deborah[/tooltip], once I have entered the offices in the Marsden City in Yaroklis. She continued, "it looks like there are now three Aegis stations badly damaged by some newly discovered Thargoids variant called Medusa, and all these stations must be evacuated. Damage must be really bad, normally are these stations able supply inhabitants also in the state of construction or big reconstruction."

    Forlon remained silent for few minutes, while he was checking latest news from the region. "OK, it looks that they may really need help from everyone who can be available. We have here some obligations like usual, but I hope that [tooltip=Top ranking member of the Ghost legion]Ryan[/tooltip] will not kill me, if we will spent some time with helping evacuate people there. Please start immediately preparing the Dark Queen for emergency operations. Armament will

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    Looking back since I wrote my previous entry, I don't think I would ever imagine that the situation in the Galaxy would shift so cardinally.
    Or maybe I did imagine that and have forgotten about it.
    So... first things first? Deep Space Motherflakking Seventeen. The first stronghold of the Mankind on the way of Great Doms' conquest, and hopefully the first nail in said conquest's coffin. Something to get humans to finally man the flak up, stand side by side, hold the flakking line and throw these invading aliens back from whatever galaxy they came. Simple, right?
    Unfortunately, some human arseholes disagreed. Even I didn't expect the sabotage attempt; even though we worked around it and managed to get the station running. What followed was a number of supplying operations to upgrade the station. Quite soon the first operations that used DS17 as staging base took place. I still have fond memories as we discussed Operation Podstava and Operation Countercharge together with other pilots. And

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