"Yes?" asked Forlon which was just awaken by private call. Last day he arrived in middle of the night and instead going to his [tooltip=Main station in Yaroklis system]Marsden City[/tooltip] offices, he went to sleep in one from the first-class cabins onboard his python. It was his trusty buddy Deborah: "Apology Sir, but in our offices was just now an [tooltip=The Sovereign Justice Collective players minor faction]SJC[/tooltip] police officer with [tooltip=Advanced Tactical response]ATR[/tooltip] troops looking for you. It seems like he is highly interested with your latest work for [tooltip=Afli Patron's Principles]APP[/tooltip] in Afli, specifically he have mentioned stolen data from theirs non-public Data point on planet Lacab Kui E3 ....". Forlon: "Oh damn, it looks that the space controlled by the SJC is not the best for me just now, please contact our docks in Phiagree and send me the Katana to the Gessi Keep City in Sowii. I had from there earlier working offers because this

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