An old friend

Yesterday in the late hours the phone started to ring.
Yea, ok, i'm on my way.
After one fast talk i start the engines of my Hunter and get out in the open space. After i get in X-3043 i go to Vega, after that i head to the planet. When the planet get in the scanner range i saw him, the one who send me in the space in the night. His name was DC_SLAVIMIR. This is one of the last members of that police department. We stayed a little in Vega and then we headed to X-3043. We get there, no one around. We start to chat and after few minutes the scanners picked up someone. His name was Primea (some new pilot around here, at least i think so 'cos i see it for a first time). Then he opened fire at the DC, i have a time to scan him and i saw that he was a pirate scum, then i engaged the enemy and we killed him. After that we went to the planet and there the real fight started. After some time backup came for the pirates, SMG-Diablo. Two on two, but suddenly one BG arrived and he got in the fight. Now it was Three on two (police officers outnumbering pirates are a rare sight). After 5 minutes of fighting the the SMG fled from the battlefield and the other guy was left alone against the power of the law 8). . The minutes become hour and i started to feel very tired, but not only me, the DC mate was tired to. I even almost fell asleep in my ship in the middle of the battle and i said to myself: It's time to go home. The same did the DC.
After the long night i get back home, open the door of my room, switch off the phone to be sure i will not be disturbed again and fall on my bed, because i was very tired.
This is the police duty. It's hard... but still, someone need to get the things done 8).

Always have a thought for those you care about. That way they will never be forgotten even after they are gone.

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